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The Best Poker Tables – Are They The Answer To Your Poker Nights?

Poker tables are simply the most sought after item by any avid poker player. Poker players like to host their own games at home with friends and family, and the more realistic the better. Many poker fans have turned to the poker tables. These table tops have poker layouts, coin shelves and sometimes coasters for your drinks! But are they of a quality high enough to withstand game after game of poker? Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of poker table tops.

1. They have the layout printed on them. However, some layouts are better than others when it comes to print quality. Part of the print is almost as if it had been painted, while other layouts look like the fabric was painted this color. Painted layouts wear out quickly and easily, so make sure you get the best print quality on your poker table https://hepiqqiu.net.

2. Quality of chip racks. Some of the chip racks are tricks at these poker tables, and you shouldn’t spend your money on them. There are some out there with high quality wood chip racks, but most of them use thin plastic that will eventually crack. Chip racks aren’t necessary, because most poker players like to stack their chips in front of them to make the game easier.

3. Some table tops are not large enough or too large. What size do you want? Will it fit on your desk? Is your table too big? Many poker players who buy these top tables don’t even think about measuring the size of the tables they will be using the layout on. This is a big mistake and can cost you a lot of money! Therefore, check the size of the poker table top and compare it to the size of the table on which it will be used.

As you can see, there are some disadvantages of poker table tops to quality, but you can eliminate the bad ones if you make the effort. You will save money in the long run and will be using your new poker table for years to come with your poker friends. Good luck at the tables!