Winning Millions in Online Poker – Learn How

A no deposit bonus at an internet poker room is an amount of money you receive for signing up entirely free. This is a marketing strategy of internet poker room to acquire new players. Do you want to understand why?

Undoubtedly Everest Poker is one of the greatest poker rooms near. With the space interpreted in over 15 languages (16 to be exact) that is a real multilingual poker room with amazing tournaments and astonishing poker activity. A couple of years back there is one internet site that was offering an Everest poker no deposit bonus but that was for German player and the website was removed for some reason.

The poker room can’t offer a free poker pulsa promotion because they already have a great initial bonus which, in my own estimation, is far superior than the usual no deposit bonus. The reasons are that you do not need to go through any verification process in order to acquire the bonus, but in addition you don’t have to pass a poker quiz and also you do not need to wait days to your bonus. The very first bonus on Everest differs from other poker rooms. This you’ll receive $300 aside from your deposit and you will even be eligible for a $1000 free roll. The minimum deposit is $5 so that it might be well worth depositing even for that $1000 free tournament.

On the opposite side you can also register on Everest free of charge and you also don’t need to deposit whatever. In this way you won’t benefit of this great poker promotion however, you’ll be able to play in smaller free rolls.

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