Texas Holdem No Limit Tournament Strategy – Sit and Go Poker

Winning Sit and Go tournaments is both an art and a skill. It is crucial that you understand your bankroll and winning SnG strategies to make a profit. Read on to learn more about banking and SnG strategy.


Like any other area of ​​poker, luck plays an important role. You could play perfectly and get to the bubble, only to be knocked out by a sucker river. It happens.

That is why it is important that you have enough money to play enough so that your stats match and show your skill in the long run.

In general, you want to have 20 times your buy-in. So, if you’re playing 10 + 1 SnGs, you want to have $ 210 available to play. This will give you enough padding to get enough statistical data for you to know that you are winning over time QQ Online.

Sit and Go Strategy

Like most other areas of poker, the best strategy is a strong and aggressive strategy. However, your game needs to change very quickly due to the speed with which SnGs move.

In the beginning, you must play very tight. As in just playing AA, AK, KK, QQ and AQ from the final position. This is because usually 1-3 players go all-in and are eliminated in the first rounds. Don’t get caught up in that.

You can also try to clear the preflop with lower hands and try to win the jackpot while the blinds are still low. This works for the initial blinds and the first blind raise, but after that it starts playing tight. Note that this is an advanced strategy.

When you get to the middle of the game, relax and start playing hands like TT. Still, play only good hands that are not afraid to steal blinds. Be aggressive without being too loose.

If your stack of chips starts to get low, loosen even more. If your stack of chips is large, tighten up a little more.

As the blinds increase, steal as many blinds as possible. Steal from dealer button and dealer + 1.

Keep playing aggressive until the end. Even in the bubble and especially when you are in the money. Go to the main payment. This is the basic strategy of winning Sit and Go poker.

Start very tight, relax and be aggressive. Play according to your chip stack and aim for first.

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